Exotic guinea pigs at home: An ethnography of professional research subjects in the US

This post was contributed by Roberto Abadie (CUNY)

A few years ago anthropologist Michaela di Leonardo invited anthropologists to focus on what she called “exotics at home”. Her intention was to re-center anthropological inquiry, shifting the discipline’s emphasis on “the other”, often living in remote cultures, to groups living among us, right at home.  Di Leonardo reminded us …


Roberto Abadie investigates the world of ‘professional guinea pigs’

Anthropologyworks alerts us to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about medical anthropologist Roberto Abadie and his new ethnography on professional research subjects in clinical trials.  As the article explains, “Since 1980, when Phase 1 drug tests on prisoners were banned in the United States, university medical schools and pharmaceutical companies have depended on volunteers… to test …