Defining “Social Justice” at the Academic Medical Center

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I am delighted to contribute to this series on the Critical Histories and Activist Futures: Science, Medicine, and Racial Violence Conference. As captured by the submissions published here over the last few months, the content of the conference sparked productive conversations about history, health, and justice that are still ongoing here at Yale. But rather than focusing on the papers …

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Videos of “Cultural Psychiatry: A Critical Introduction”

As I’ve written about on this site before, one of the best short programs for anyone interested in culture and mental health is the Summer School in Social and Cultural Psychiatry held annually at McGill.  The course at the center of the curriculum is “Cultural Psychiatry: A Critical Introduction” which consists primarily of lectures by Laurence Kirmayer, Allan Young


Structural Competency: Framing a New Conversation on Institutional Inequalities and Sickness

The conference on structural competency organized and hosted by Jonathan Metzl and Helena Hansen, and held at the NYU’s Department of Social and Cultural Analysis on March 23rd 2012, proved to be enormously successful.  The conference was an experiment on the part of Hansen and Metzl to generate a new conversation among doctors, clinicians, urban planners, social theorists …

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Special Issue: Transcultural Psychiatry, “Rethinking Cultural Competence”

Transcultural Psychiatry CoverThe April issue of Transcultural Psychiatry is a special issue  that grows out of an event held in April 2010 at the McGill Advanced Study Institute in Cultural Psychiatry, entitled “Rethinking Cultural Competence from International Perspectives.” As editor Laurence J. Kirmayer writes in the introduction:

Despite…attention to culture, models of mental health services, guidelines for clinical practice, and therapeutic interventions

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Special Journal Issue: Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry — Anthropologies of Clinical Training in the 21st Century

The June 2011 issue of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry is a special issue entitled, “Anthropologies of Clinical Training in the 21st Century.” Seth M. Holmes, Angela C. Jenks, and Scott Stonington, in their opening words, introduce the central question with which the issue’s articles grapple:

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, medical anthropologists increasingly turned their attention to the examination