"Cultures of the Internet": the 2011 Advanced Study Institute in Cultural Psychiatry, Montreal, April 26-29, 2011

As I wrote last year about this time, McGill University’s Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry holds a Advanced Study Institute in Cultural Psychiatry early every summer, along with a month-long Summer Program in Social and Cultural Psychiatry.  The Advanced Study Institute typically consists of a two-day workshop during which cultural psychiatrists, psychologists, anthropologists and other social scientists and …


Conference announcement: Rethinking Cultural Competence from International Perspectives

Each year for the past ten years or so McGill’s Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry has hosted an Advanced Study Institute in Cultural Psychiatry.  The Institute includes a series of month-long courses on cultural psychiatry, methods in health research, culture in clinical contexts, global mental health research and other topics, taught by members of the Division.  The Institute …


Cultural competence: legislation and online resources

This was sent around the other day by Laurence Kirmayer on the Transcultural Psychiatry list-serv: a recent AP story recounts the efforts of several US states (namely, New Mexico, New Jersey and California) to mandate cultural competence training for clinicians.

I haven’t followed this closely, but there is an enormous amount of material available online for those interesting in …