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Towards an era of bureaucratically controlled medical compliance?

The latest issue of Anthropology and Medicine is a superb special issue titled “Towards an era of bureaucratically controlled medical compliance?” and guest edited by Somatosphere contributors Kalman Applbaum and Michael Oldani.

Applbaum and Oldani emphasize in their introduction that while patient compliance and non-compliance has long been studied in epidemiology and health services research, it has increasingly …

In the Journals

In the journals

Below are some interesting articles from March’s new issues:

In Health, Piia Jallinoja analyzes data obtained through focus groups to examine pleasure and its relationship to food and physical activity in Negotiated pleasures in health-seeking lifestyles of participants of a health promoting intervention.

In the same journal, Joanne Reeve, Mari Lloyd-Williams, Sheila Payne, and Christopher Dowrick question the …