The mosquito struggle: other-than-vector ecologies in a ‘Zika-free’ Brazilian sertão

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A luta dos mosquitos: ecologias outras-que-vetoras num sertão “livre de zika”

Em 2016, a Organização Mundial de Saúde (OMS) declarou a epidemia de zika no Brasil como uma ameaça global (WHO, 2019). Desde então, a relação entre o vírus, a microcefalia e, mais amplamente, a síndrome congênita do zika (SCZ) em centenas de recém-nascidos …


Mosquito Huts; Wundercabinets and Social Models

Hello all!

I am sorry I have been a bit slow on the up-take. My scientific-wonder-and-awe has not, sadly, translated into technical aptitude; it has taken a bit of time to learn how to negotiate the blog-land that is Somatosphere. Thought I would introduce myself and my work by talking a bit about the ethnographic object that is currently at …