Call for papers: 3rd Annual Health in Transition Conference, 7-8 June 2013, Warsaw


 Challenges of 21st Century: past, present and future of medicine and health care in post-socialist world(s)

The 3rd Annual Health in Transition Conference

Call for Papers

7-8 June 2013

Kindly hosted by: Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Warsaw


Medical anthropology and other social sciences still have “white gaps”. Problems related to contemporary transformations and contexts of …


Call for papers: The Psy-ences and Mental Health in East Central Europe and Eurasia, April 29-30, 2013, University of Chicago

From the New Socialist Person to Global Mental Health: the Psy-ences and Mental Health in East Central Europe and Eurasia

April 29-30, 2013, [Rescheduled dates] University of Chicago, Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies (CEERES)


Over the last three decades, the professions and disciplines concerned with the human mind, brain and behavior (“the psy-ences”) have undergone significant changes …


Uncomfortable research: expectations and experiences in examinations of HIV/AIDS and ‘hope’ in Serbia

This article is part of the series:

Serbia isn’t the first, or even the tenth, country that generally comes to mind when thinking about places deeply affected by HIV/AIDS. But in common with the rest of the Eastern European region it has a pressing HIV problem. With an emerging concentrated epidemic, a severely weakened health infrastructure and the ongoing political and economic ‘transition’ Serbia experiences significant challenges …


Reports from the Second Annual Health in Transition Conference

The second annual Health in Transition (HiT) Conference was held June 7-8 in Bucharest, Romania. The HiT Conference had its genesis last year thanks to the vision and dedication of Edit Szenassy, a PhD student at Charles University in Prague. She envisioned an environment where social scientists who research matters of health, illness, and medical care in Central and …


Didier Fassin on Resentment and Ressentiment

Professor Didier Fassin delivered the Roger Allan Moore Lecture on Friday, February 3, 2012 at the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

In this lecture, titled, “On Resentment and Ressentiment,” Didier Fassin discusses the differences between the concepts of resentment and ressentiment, specifically as formulated by Jean Améry and the implications of that distinction in …


Call for papers: Ethnographies of Biomedicine in Post-Socialist Europe, Bucharest, June 2012

 Health In Transition:

Ethnographies Of Bio-Medicine In Post-Socialist Europe

Call for Papers

7-8 June 2012

Kindly hosted by: Romanian Academy of Sciences, Bucharest, Romania

With notable exceptions, the topics of health and medicine in post-socialist Europe have received limited anthropological attention compared to research on both the global ‘North’ and ‘South’.  Implicitly, medical anthropological research from academic institutions in …