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Teaching Critique of Humanitarianism: A Syllabus for Comparative Study

This post was contributed by Chris Garces (Cornell University)
Garces Comparative Humanitarianism

“Comparative Humanitarianism,” viewable and available for download above, expands upon my lower-division undergraduate seminar, “Love™, Ltd.: Charity, Philanthropy, & Humanitarianism,” which I taught at Cornell and Sarah Lawrence College successively over the last two years (2008 and 2009). To my surprise, this latter course attracted the largest number

Fassin and Rechtman’s Empire of trauma

The empire of trauma:
An inquiry into the condition of victimhood.

Didier Fassin and Richard Rechtman
Translated by Rachel Gomme
Princeton University Press, 2009
304 pages; $24.95, paperback

Reviewed by Hanna Kienzler (McGill University)

“Trauma has become a major signifier of our age” (xi) and we talk about traumatic events such as rape, genocide, torture, slavery, terrorist attacks, and …


Medicine and society in JAMA and NEJM

This week’s issues of the two leading U.S. medical journals have prominent sections which fall under the “medicine and society” rubric.

The New England Journal of Medicine is running a series of articles on organ donation and the ethics surrounding the use of “cardiac death” — rather than “brain death” — as a criteria for determining the point of death. …