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In the Journals: November 2014, Part I

Happy November! Please find below the first half of this month’s roundup including selections from American Ethnologist; Health; Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine; and Social Theory and Health. In addition, Medical Anthropology Theory (MAT) went live this month. There is a previous write-up on MAT on Somatosphere—you can find it here. Enjoy.

American Ethnologist

The paradoxical victim: Intimate

In the Journals

In the Journals… New Year’s edition

Happy New Year! As you know, traditional academic publishing lags months (I’ve even heard of years!) behind current events. Therefore, although I’d love to present you this month’s themes as “fresh starts”, “new beginnings” and similar tropes, I can instead only tell you: there’s lots to be read this January!

The Health January 2013 issue contains six articles, this …