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Web Roundup October 2012

Today I am testing the waters of the web roundups here at Somatosphere. Feel free to give feedback!

This month’s theme is data, inspired by many tweets I received on ENCODE and big data.

I was intrigued to hear that the American Anthropological Association has started an anthropological data wiki. The collection of datasets already seems pretty impressive, but …


Toward a Neuroanthropology of Immersive Online Gaming and Cyberdependence

Since Spring 2008, I’ve been studying videogaming, conducting participant-observation research in and around the World of Warcraft (WoW), interviewing and surveying the citizens of this online community. I have been particularly fascinated by players’ relationships to their WoWavatars,” the in-game graphical representations of their characters. Via avatars, gamers can temporarily separate or even “dissociate” from …

Web Roundups

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It is important to consider the role that societal and institutional factors play in the relationship between ‘natural’ disasters and the causes of social suffering. It is too simple to call natural disasters ‘natural’, as they happen in a particular social and cultural context. When attempting to understand how and why natural disasters can cause social suffering,


Cultures of the Internet conference, Montreal, April 28-29, 2011

Back in October I wrote about the upcoming conference on “Cultures of the Internet,” which will be held as part of the Advanced Study Institute in Cultural Psychiatry in Montreal on April 28 and 29, 2011.  Now the final program is available and registration is open.

As you’ll see below, there have been a few changes made to the line-up …


"Cultures of the Internet": the 2011 Advanced Study Institute in Cultural Psychiatry, Montreal, April 26-29, 2011

As I wrote last year about this time, McGill University’s Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry holds a Advanced Study Institute in Cultural Psychiatry early every summer, along with a month-long Summer Program in Social and Cultural Psychiatry.  The Advanced Study Institute typically consists of a two-day workshop during which cultural psychiatrists, psychologists, anthropologists and other social scientists and …