Mourning while fighting for justice: The first months of the NOI DENUNCEREMO association, Bergamo, Italy

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This post was co-authored by members of CoMeSCov program who contributed to the development of research questions, data collection tools and data analysis: Firmin Kra, Francesca Mininel, Fleur Beauvieux, Carlotta Magnani , Sandrine Musso . (See bios below for affiliations).

The authors are researchers in the collective CoMeSCov research program: Containment and Health Measures to Limit Covid-19 Transmission: Social Experiences


Ethical inversions due to COVID-19: Pandemic and local ironies in managing responsibilities

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On Friday March 21th 2020, the Fula men, who live in the town of Gabu, in the northeast of Guinea-Bissau, did not meet to pray in their mosques. The containment measures adopted by the whole country to face the COVID-19 emergency introduced a curfew from 11 am, prohibiting people from gathering. The police have guaranteed the respect of these rules …


Austerity, Not COVID-19, Strains National Healthcare Systems

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Spain and Italy, two of the countries most affected early on by COVID-19, were also among the EU member-states that underwent severe and extended austerity measures following the last global economic recession. These measures significantly weakened publicly funded healthcare systems in both countries, and as it is particularly relevant to understanding the trajectories of pandemic, constrained public sector response. 

The …


The balcony: normativity lessons in times of crisis

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The balcony has become a powerful domestic space symbolizing corona-solidarity in the south of Europe. Movie clips of Italians singing their national anthem from their balconies were broadcast worldwide in the evening news. Such a moving and spontaneous event united people quarantined. Italians, too, killed time making and hanging hand-crafted signs from their balconies with the phrase ‘Andrà tutto bene’—everything …


Six photos of my father at 91

I have chosen to tell a story based on six photographs I took of my father, Ivio Duranti (1918-2009) in the last year of his life. He was never diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s disease, but he definitely had some of the symptoms of dementia, including memory loss, disorientation, apathy, reduced speech production, and occasional hallucinations, even though he seemed able …


John Foot’s The Man Who Closed the Asylums: Franco Basaglia and the Revolution in Mental Health Care

man who closed asylums coverThe Man Who Closed The Asylums: Franco Basaglia and the Revolution in Mental Health Care

by John Foot

Verso Press, 2015, 404 pages

Embracing change is the best way to keep up with John Foot’s pace in his book, The Man Who Closed The Asylums: Franco Basaglia and the Revolution in Mental Health Care (2015). Foot’s holistic approach will appeal …

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