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In the Journals… New Year’s edition

Happy New Year! As you know, traditional academic publishing lags months (I’ve even heard of years!) behind current events. Therefore, although I’d love to present you this month’s themes as “fresh starts”, “new beginnings” and similar tropes, I can instead only tell you: there’s lots to be read this January!

The Health January 2013 issue contains six articles, this …

In the Journals

In the Journals … September 2012

You likely have barely finished reading all those articles from the August In the Journals… I will deliver you the September goods regardless and hope you’ll find something in there that keeps you interested through the exciting (but possibly overwhelming?) first weeks of the semester.

Belief is the central theme in this month’s issue of Ethos. From the journey …

In the Journals

Special Virtual Issue: Social History of Medicine, “Emotions, Health, and Well-Being”

In light of the upcoming “Emotions, Health, and Well-Being” conference (to be held September 10-12, 2012, at Queen Mary University of London), Social History of Medicine has compiled a virtual issue of relevant articles from across the years, currently online and available through the end of October 2012. Along with a brief introduction by Colin Jones, the issues …

In the Journals

In the Journals – August 2012

Admittedly a bit belated, but just in time for the start of fall semesters and quarters, here is the journal roundup for this August. Without further ado…

In American Ethnologist, Susan Greenhalgh and Peter Benson conduct a brief call-and-response in Biopolitics and the “War on Fat”, an AE forum:

Weighty subjects: The biopolitics of the U.S. war on fat

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