Tu Youyou and the Nobel Prize

When I interviewed Professor Tu Youyou in 2005 — in her office at the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the work unit within which she had spent her entire life after completing a doctorate in chemistry at Beida (the University of Beijing) — I did not expect her to receive any further awards, and certainly neither the Lasker nor …

In the Journals

The global health complex and AIDS medication in East Africa

This article is part of the series:

Recently two important journals have released special issues on closely related topics. A special issue of Biosocieties on “The global health complex” examines the “growing role of pharmaceutical corporations and philanthropic organizations in fight against ‘diseases of the poor’; and a special issue of Medical Anthropology focuses on “Global AIDS Medicines in East African Health Institutions.”  …


Mosquito Huts; Wundercabinets and Social Models

Hello all!

I am sorry I have been a bit slow on the up-take. My scientific-wonder-and-awe has not, sadly, translated into technical aptitude; it has taken a bit of time to learn how to negotiate the blog-land that is Somatosphere. Thought I would introduce myself and my work by talking a bit about the ethnographic object that is currently at …