Book review – Maria Berghs’ War and Embodied Memory

War and Embodied Memory: Becoming Disabled in Sierra Leone

Maria Berghs


Ashgate Press, 2012

274pp., £60.00, hardcover


Berghs’ ethnography explores the construction of, and resistance to, the disability identity in Sierra Leone in the aftermath of both a violent civil war and the attempts at social reconciliation and reintegration that followed. In this context, the concept of disability …


Top of the heap: Emily Martin

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Detail, Alicia Martin, "Cascade of Books."

For this latest installment of “Top of the heap” we asked Emily Martin what she’s been reading recently. Here’s the list she sent us:


Ernest Shackleton, South: The Endurance Expedition. (Penguin 2004).

This is the first person account of Shackleton’s expedition into the Antarctic in 1914. It is filled with


Medical Anthropology in a Military Treatment Facility







In March 2004, after being hired by UMBC, I attended a meeting at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with a colleague from my new department and several military and civilian clinicians. There we discussed the specific and the vague challenges that faced the increasing number of US military service-members who were coming into the …