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Naturecultures: Science, Affect and the Non-human — A special section of Theory, Culture & Society

Theory, Culture & Society’s annual review issue of 2013 had a fascinating special section edited by Joanna Latimer and Mara Miele and entitled, “Naturecultures: Science, Affect and the Non-human.”

The article abstracts are as follows:

Natureculture’s? Science, Affect and the Non-human
Joanna Latimer and Mara Miele

Rather than focus on effects, the isolatable and measureable outcomes of events and interventions,


Philippe Descola’s Beyond Nature and Culture

Beyond Nature and Culture

By Philippe Descola
Translated by Janet Lloyd
Foreword by Marshall Sahlins

University of Chicago Press, 2013
488 pages, US$ 65.00 (hardcover)


Philippe Descola’s Beyond Nature & Culture is not a modest book.  Having first appeared French in 2005, it systematizes some of the ideas previously set out in Descola’s ethnographic work among the Achuar …


Book review: Liah Greenfeld’s Mind, Modernity, Madness

Mind, Modernity, Madness: The Impact of Culture on Human Experience

Liah Greenfeld

Harvard University Press, 2013.

688pp., US $45.00, hardcover


According to Liah Greenfeld, author of Mind, Modernity, Madness, “culture is an empirical reality of the first order in human life – that it, in the most profound sense of the word makes us human and defines …


Addiction Trajectories: an interview

Will Garriott and I have an interview up at Points: the blog of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society in which we discuss our recently released edited volume Addiction Trajectories (Duke UP, 2013).  The Points editors always ask their interviewees to first describe their book “in terms your bartender could understand” and here’s our attempt:

In Addiction Trajectories we wanted

Web Roundups

Monthly Web Round-up


It is important to consider the role that societal and institutional factors play in the relationship between ‘natural’ disasters and the causes of social suffering. It is too simple to call natural disasters ‘natural’, as they happen in a particular social and cultural context. When attempting to understand how and why natural disasters can cause social suffering,

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“Multispecies Ethnography": a special issue of Cultural Anthropology

Just when you thought it was safe to engage in human exceptionalism…. Cultural Anthropology comes along with a special issue on “Multispecies Ethnography.

In their introduction– which surveys a range of literatures and conceptual turns which have preceded and laid the groundwork for this “species turn” – S. Eben Kirksey and Stefan Helmreich write:

“A new genre