Book Forum — Emily Yates-Doerr’s “The Weight of Obesity: Hunger and Global Health in Postwar Guatemala”

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It is a pleasure to convene this forum for The Weight of Obesity: Hunger and Global Health in Postwar Guatemala. Marianne de Laet, Simon Cohn, and Jeannette Pols, have provided spirited commentaries on Emily Yates-Doerr’s ethnography of metrics, weight, and care in highland Guatemala. The author’s talent to illustrate the complex choreographies that produce the problem of obesity makes …


Book Forum––Harris Solomon’s Metabolic Living: Food, Fat and The Absorption of Illness in India

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Harris Solomon’s Metabolic Living traces patterns of consumption, calories, and chronic disease to tell a story about the enfolding––the absorption and regulation––of food in and about the body in Mumbai. Solomon’s book is a powerful ethnographic reflection on how factors held as exterior (local and global cuisine, evolving and competing norms regarding eating and body image) are wholly interiorized. …


Ontology as an analytical approach to concerns of medical anthropology

What might arise from an encounter between medical anthropology and science and technology studies (STS) as they investigate the common subject of health and (bio)medicine? One answer could be found at the panel Repositioning health, illness and the body: the challenge of new theoretical approaches to medical anthropology, organized by Simon Cohn and Rebecca Lynch at ASA[1] decennial

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“Investigating Emerging Biomedical Practices”: A Special Journal Issue

The September 2011 issue of the journal Science, Technology, & Human Values, is a special issue entitled “Investigating Emerging Biomedical Practices.” Situating the articles that compose the issue “within [an] intellectual tradition rooted in the borderlands of anthropology, science studies, and the history of science–altogether heavily influenced by feminism,” Kontopodis, Niewöhner, and Beck write in their introduction that the…


Workshop announcement: Obesity, eating disorders, and the media (Oxford, Nov 9)

Obesity, eating disorders, and the media: An interdisciplinary workshop

Wednesday 9 November 2011, 9.30am-5.30pm

St Anne’s College, University of Oxford


The rising global prevalence of obesity and eating disorders can be considered one of the top public health challenges of the 21st century. With the large volume of recent scientific research on these conditions, and the increasing number of …