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Web Roundup: Organ Transfer in Open Spaces

July’s web roundup will focus on recent conversations around organ transfer and its public perception.  Organ transfer, with its complex and oftentimes invisible circuits of body parts, donors, recipients, doctors, markets and the state, is particularly ripe for intervention by social scientists. Ethan Watters’ profile of anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes at Pacific Standard says that her work on organ transfer was, …


Lesley Sharp’s The Transplant Imaginary

The Transplant Imaginary: Mechanical Hearts, Animal Parts, and Moral Thinking in Highly Experimental Science

by Lesley A. Sharp

University of California Press, 2014, paperback, 236 pages.


The Transplant Imaginary continues Lesley Sharp’s project on the anthropology of organ transplantation, building from her two previous monographs Strange Harvest (2006) and Bodies Commodities, and Biotechnologies (2007). This latest work spans five Anglophone …


Sherine Hamdy’s Our Bodies Belong to God

Our Bodies Belong to God:
Organ Transplants, Islam, and the Struggle for Human Dignity in Egypt

By Sherine Hamdy

University of California Press, 2012
Paperback, 370 pages
US $29.95

In Our Bodies Belong to God, Sherine Hamdy tackles the complex issues surrounding the debate on organ transplantation in Egypt; demonstrating the play of legislative, religious, biomedical and cultural frameworks …

In the Journals

"Bodily Integrity": a special issue of Body & Society

The latest Body & Society is a special issue on “Bodily Integrity” with a number of articles that may interest our readers.  Here are the titles and abstracts:

Lisa Blackman, Bodily Integrity

Margrit Shildrick, Some Reflections on the Socio-cultural and Bioscientific Limits of Bodily Integrity

Vivian Sobchack, Living a ‘Phantom Limb’: On the Phenomenology of Bodily Integrity


SMA: Perspectives from Contemporary Japan

On Saturday, September 26, a group of younger Japanese researchers, joined by veteran Japan scholars Susan Orpett Long and discussant William Kelly, presented papers in a session titled “Emerging Alterities in Medicine: Perspectives from Contemporary Japan.” The session’s title distracted from a substantial unity surrounding the expanding personal and social experience of biotechnology in Japan as it stands on …


Nancy Scheper-Hughes on the NJ corruption bust and illegal organ trafficking

One of the most shocking aspects of the sprawling corruption bust that brought down several New Jersey mayors yesterday, was the arrest of Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn for attempting to arrange a donation of a kidney for $160,000. Moreover, it was apparently UC Berkeley’s Nancy Scheper-Hughes who, in 2002, first tipped off the FBI to her knowledge of …