In the Journals

Peter Benson on “Safe Cigarettes” and FDA regulation of tobacco products

In an upcoming issue of Dialectical Anthropology – already available online – Peter Benson has a very interesting article in which he examines the issues surrounding a bill passed earlier this year, which placed tobacco products under the regulatory aegis of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  I was able to read this paper earlier as a discussant …

In the Journals

Biomedical Conventions and Regulatory Objectivity in Social Studies of Science

The latest issue of Social Studies of Science is a special issue on “Biomedical Conventions and Regulatory Objectivity,” edited by several members of the department where I’m currently based (McGill’s Social Studies of Medicine)–Alberto Cambrosio, Thomas Schlich, and George Weisz, and Peter Keating of the University of Quebec at Montreal.

Here’s the abstract

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