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Educational Video Database on Genetic/Reproductive Technologies & Social Issues

While a wealth of literature exists on emerging reproductive and genetic technologies, usable educational resources in other mediums are few and far between.  A new series of videos helps to fill this lacuna, providing engaging, accessible and thought-provoking commentary on the human aspects of biotechnology, science, and medical practice.

The videos feature commentary, remarks, and reflections from over 50 esteemed …


Universes of Kinship

The Metamorphoses of Kinship

By Maurice Godelier

Translated by Nora Scott. London: Verso. 615pp. + index. US$49.95 / £30.00 (hardcover)


Maurice Godelier opens his magisterial tour of the “universe of kinship” with the observation that formal anthropological kinship theory has long been left for dead.  What follows is a dazzling analysis that revisits ethnographic data on marriage, descent, siblinghood, …

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Special Journal Issue: Medical Anthropology Quarterly — After Progress: Time and Improbable Futures in Clinic Spaces

Within its current issue (June 2011), Medical Anthropology Quarterlyhas a special section entitled, “After Progress: Time and Improbable Futures in Clinic Spaces.”S. Lochlann Jain and Sharon R. Kaufman write in their introduction to the section:

One contemporary goal for ethnographers is to describe features of that complex relationship in different realms of health care delivery—perhaps especially those arenas undergoing

In the Journals

A special issue of Medical Anthropology on "Medical Travel"

The latest Medical Anthropology is a special issue on “Medical Travel” — a topic which has received surprisingly little attention from medical anthropologists until now.  In their editorial to the issue, Carolyn Smith-Morris and Lenore Manderson write:

“As the authors of this issue of Medical Anthropology illustrate, the ability of people to find and exploit new health care markets outside


Elly Teman’s Birthing a Mother

Birthing a Mother: The Surrogate Body and the Pregnant Self
Elly Teman

University of California Press, 2010
384 pp.
US$ 21.95 (Paperback)

Reviewed by Lauren Schleicher, Wayne State University

Birthing a Mother: The Surrogate Body and the Pregnant Self is an ethnographic account of gestational surrogacy arrangements in a Jewish Israeli context. According to Teman, surrogacy as a topic has …


Karen-Sue Taussig’s Ordinary Genomes

Ordinary Genomes: Science, Citizenship, and Genetic Identities?
by Karen-Sue Taussig?

Duke University Press, 2009
264 pp., $22.95 (paperback)

Reviewed by Abigail Baim-Lance (Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY and Researcher, New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute)

At its brightest moments, Karen-Sue Taussig’s Ordinary Genomes: Science, Citizenship, and Genetic Identities (2009) deftly challenges universalist assumptions about the genetic sciences. Taussig