Funding for medical anthropology under threat in Canada

A number of medical anthropologists working in Canada have recently published a manifesto bringing attention to a development which, they argue, may bring about “the possible extermination of one of the most vibrant, high-demand and policy-relevant health disciplines, the only scholarly field that places culture at the centre of the analysis of health and that characteristically does so in both …


The Privatization of Neuroscience: The University, The State and the Moral Aims of Science

This post was contributed by Mark Robinson (Princeton University). 

From New York Times Op-ed pieces to educational toys for toddlers, the culture of neuroscience has far exceeded the confines of the laboratory. Anthropologists and others have traced neuroscience’s entry into the everyday – the courtroom, the pharmacy, the boardroom and the clinic. Yet, a more subtle transformation around neuroscience has …


Research funding in the Post-Election Analysis

Several days ago (it seems like a world away now), I posted links to several articles on the candidates’ positions on science and health issues. Now there are a couple of good articles in Nature and Science considering what Obama’s victory means for scientific research. (These were originally posted at 3 Quarks Daily).

On a related note, I haven’t …