A Conversation with Paul Rabinow

Earlier this year I talked with Paul Rabinow about his most recent books –– The Accompaniment: Assembling the Contemporary (University of Chicago Press, 2011), Designing Human Practices: An Experiment with Synthetic Biology  (with Gaymon Bennett, University of Chicago, 2012), Demands of the Day: On the Logic of Anthropological Inquiry (with Anthony Stavrainakis, University of Chicago Press, 2013), and a fourth


Sherine Hamdy’s Our Bodies Belong to God

Our Bodies Belong to God:
Organ Transplants, Islam, and the Struggle for Human Dignity in Egypt

By Sherine Hamdy

University of California Press, 2012
Paperback, 370 pages
US $29.95

In Our Bodies Belong to God, Sherine Hamdy tackles the complex issues surrounding the debate on organ transplantation in Egypt; demonstrating the play of legislative, religious, biomedical and cultural frameworks …

In the Journals

In the Journals: March 2013 (PART 1)

There were quite a number of interesting articles related to anthropology, science, and medicine in this month’s round up of journals including those from American Anthropologist, Social Science and Medicine, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine, Science in Context, and Science, Technology, & Human Values. Happy reading!


Web Roundups

Web Roundup: Technology and storytelling

Inspired by last month’s post, I decided to format this post loosely around the theme of storytelling. Storytelling is fundamental to many of our lives, both academic and otherwise, and numerous new formats for telling, collecting, and archiving stories are cropping up. This post focuses on the ways in which technology is shaping and changing the kinds of stories we …


Longing for Sleep: Assessing the Place of Sleep in the 21st Century – Part 3

This article is part of the series:

Sleep has been in the news for the past decade or so as a matter of growing concern. Along with this popular, medical and scientific attention, social scientists have been increasingly interested in sleep as an object or process of study. The first major sociological book published on sleep was Simon Williams’ Sleep and Society (Routledge, 2005), after which


African Studies Association Health Workshop – Wednesday, November 28, 12pm – 5 pm

We are pleased to announce a workshop to assist younger generations in developing critical research approaches that can be used to inform and to problematize public health research, policies, and programming in Africa. We also will use the workshop as a starting point to push the science of public health interventions in new directions, ones that are more inclusive of …