In the Journals

In the Journals – August 2012

Admittedly a bit belated, but just in time for the start of fall semesters and quarters, here is the journal roundup for this August. Without further ado…

In American Ethnologist, Susan Greenhalgh and Peter Benson conduct a brief call-and-response in Biopolitics and the “War on Fat”, an AE forum:

Weighty subjects: The biopolitics of the U.S. war on fat

Teaching Resources

Resources for teaching medical anthropology

With the school year approaching, many academic blogs have featured posts about teaching.  We’ve run a few of these over the past years, including a number of syllabi related to medical anthropology.  You can see them all by clicking on the “Teaching Resources” category in the sidebar, but I’ve also gathered the best of them here — …

In the Journals

50 Years of Medical Sociology

The Journal of Health and Social Behavior recently ran a supplemental issue dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the journal and of the Medical Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association.  The issue is made up of a series of reviews about key issues in medical sociology written by some of the leading scholars in the sub-discipline.  Aside from being …


Podcast: Interviews with Renée Fox

The journal Sociology of Health and Illness has launched a series of podcasts called “Key thinkers and debates” which will feature “interviews and discussions with key figures in the sociology of health and illness.”  The first podcasts they’ve posted are two video interviews with medical sociology pioneer Renée Fox, one titled “Reflections on the development of