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A collaborative forum for critical enquiry on HIV/AIDS and global health: experiment, ethics, and practice
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HIV Scale-Up and the Politics of Global Health — A Special Issue of Global Public Health

A recent issue of the journal Global Public Health was a notable double special issue on “HIV Scale-Up and the Politics of Global Health,” edited by Nora J. Kenworthy and Richard Parker. As the editors write in their introduction:

[W]e embark on this special issue at a particular disjuncture in the history of the epidemic. Just over

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Transcriptions – In the Journals – July 2012 – part II

HIV Treatment As Prevention 

The upcoming International AIDS Conference in Washington DC looks to be dominated by  Treatment as Prevention (TasP), and biomedical prevention technologies more broadly, as the next big breakthrough in HIV. At Transcriptions we’re starting a series exploring the debate in order build a critical conversation about the way in which biomedical prevention technologies are being conceptualized, …

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Transcriptions – In the Journals – July 2012 – part I

Here I review a range of academic journals over the past two months on global health and HIV, mindful of the fact that many of these pieces will inform the upcoming International AIDS Conference. At Transcriptions, we’re trying to bring together activists, scholars, physicians and others into conversation, so when a scholarly article appears on civil society and a global …

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Transcriptions – In the Journals – May 2012


In the interests of bringing together critical social science perspectives with clinical and epidemiological insights, we’ll cover a range of disciplines whose journals address HIV. Unfortunately only some of these journals are open-access, and we applaud and support those that are. The coverage is not exhaustive but is intended to connect and stimulate thought and conversation around critical issues. …

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The global health complex and AIDS medication in East Africa

This article is part of the series:

Recently two important journals have released special issues on closely related topics. A special issue of Biosocieties on “The global health complex” examines the “growing role of pharmaceutical corporations and philanthropic organizations in fight against ‘diseases of the poor’; and a special issue of Medical Anthropology focuses on “Global AIDS Medicines in East African Health Institutions.”  …

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