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A collaborative forum for critical enquiry on HIV/AIDS and global health: experiment, ethics, and practice
Web Roundups

Transcriptions – Broadsheets – November 2012

Welcome to this November Broadsheets, summarizing recent news-making after the 2012 AIDS Conference. I have once again categorized trending stories, using the previous Broadsheets themes because they continue to be useful for organising circulating topics.  Categories have also been modified to better fit emerging stories.


Where do things stand with PrEP?
Previous Broadsheets covered the U.S. FDA’s approval of …

Web Roundups

Broadsheets: Run-Up to the 2012 AIDS Conference

Broadsheets will keep track of and report on the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington D.C. between July 22-27.  Reports will rely upon the chatter around the venue, and circulating news in social and popular on-line media. We will specifically pay attention to the presence of the organizations whose websites we have been tracking.

Starting with them, tracked sites …

Web Roundups

Transcriptions – Broadsheets – June 2012

Welcome to the second Broadsheets “Cut and Clip,” covering news made between mid-May and mid-June, 2012.

Topics covered in the first posting were arranged under the headings: (1) treatment liberalization; (2) HIV and Health Systems Strengthening; (3) HIV and the Law; (4) Counting – Targets and Funding; (5) Pragmatics of Access; (6) Synergies; (7) Some National HIV-Related Initiatives Making Headlines;

Web Roundups

Transcriptions – Broadsheets – May 2012

Broadsheets Summaries – April 15-May 11 2012

Welcome to Broadsheets! Here you will find “cut and clip” summaries of the HIV/AIDS-related news moving quickly through the web-o-sphere. The first posts will track the news making its way through virtual reportage space. Later, we will contribute critical commentary about the news-making process and how it shapes the framing of, and responses …

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